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Jazztures provides to you a whole new world of lifestyle promotional and corporate gifts!

Jazztures Online Shop - NEW!
The Jazztures Online Shop is now OPEN till 7 Oct 2012 in celebration of Children's Day! Get some nice gifts for your students at economy prices now!
Jazztures Event Hall
The newly improved category with ready stock of corporate gifts for your upcoming events. Start ordering from just 100pieces!
Jazztures 199
Need thousands of small gift items to giveaway? Jazztures 199 is your budget 199 shop of promotional gifts.
Every product is prized SIN$1.99 and below*!
Jazztures Originals
Looking for a gift that is unique and can smack of your personality? Tying up with local artists and manufacturers, gifts under this label are exclusively original.
Price ranges from $10 - $80.
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Our editorial team is keeping track of brilliant marketing stories that we hear or read about. Read on to draw some inspiration for your own campaign!
The human element promotes your product
I have been presented with an interesting question lately, if you are presented with a boring looking product that is very good functionally, how do you communicate that? Take for example an airline.... Read more...

Latest Offerings @ Jazztures Online

My Little Christmas Hat

Jazztures co-starts our first for-profit social project with the selling of handmade Little Christmas Hats! The Little Christmas Hat™ is painstakingly weaved together by a bunch of housewives for income. It looks like the red conical Santa Christmas Hat, just that it is now much smaller. Read more...

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This corner is dedicated to all aspiring student entrepreneurs. We believe in entrepreneurship. We believe in making a living for oneself. And now you can do the same. Find out more...

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