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How does Jazztures function?

Our experience in the promotional giving and corporate gift industry has enabled us to identify several factors of a good gift. We call them the Jazztures SAPP! Attributes - Stylish, Affordable, Practical & Personal. What we do basically then is to put together giving solutions that have these attributes.


To get Style, Jazztures works with graphic and product designers to turn a normal item into something extraordinary. Good visuals are pleasant on the eye, and elevates a simple corporate gift into elegance.


Affordability does not necessarily equal cheap. Making our gift solutions affordable basically means we try to eliminate as many middlemen as possible from the entire supply value chain. Where possible, we work directly with the product manufacturers, and a whole range of them. From working with the humble pencil manufacturer to working with the luxurious leather products manufacturer, Jazztures brings a range of promotional and corporate giving solutions that remains affordable to your marketing budget.


Practicality is one key differentiator of gift items that are good and gift items that are great. Everyone appreciates receiving a gift that they actually will use in their lifestyles. Jazztures selects such items based on our many tie-ups with manufacturers and distributors. Create a smile on your recipient when they receive something that is practical to them.


To complete a great corporate gift, the gift must represent the giver well, and must relate to the recipient. It must be Personal. The gift should carry a suitable personal message, or carry forth a certain branding in terms of colour, packaging and the entire visual representation. Every single Jazztures product allows for corporate customization. Depending on material, you can silkscreen, engrave, emboss, etch, sketch or embroider your corporate personality into the gifts. We also have packaging options to suit your giving occasion.

In sum, Jazztures has put together a whole set of tools for you to use the next time you have a giving occasion, from manufacturers to designers to packagers. With a little time and ingenuity, your next corporate gift will make a great impression. Rethink your marketing and giving options.





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