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30 September 2007

The human element promotes your product

I have been presented with an interesting question lately, if you are presented with a boring looking product that is very good functionally, how do you communicate that? Take for example an airline. Even if you send the best photographer in, how will a 747 be drastically different from an A300? How can airline company “A” illustrate that they give you a more comfortable airline ride?

An advertisement by Korean Air gave me a thought. They featured a well groomed, cool looking executive with a tagline “I’m ready to take on the world.” That caught my attention, and it got me thinking if they do have something different that will be suitable for business looking and suave looking people. Or only for business looking and suave looking people, which is a perception I don’t mind being associated with.

Or food. A dear friend of mine opened this innovative French food takeaway concept, Saybons. They have excellent soups and crepes, but is finding it a little difficult to communicate that. It’s just like how do you communicate that “goreng pisang A” is nicer than “goreng pisang B”? The solution could be in upping the human element. Have a good photographer, get some models that fit your target audience, and snap them with heavenly smiles as they go about enjoying your food.

Use the human element to good effect to communicate the pleasure or benefits that your product/service brings. Customize your promotional gift with an intriguing human element to get the maximum results from your promotional campaign.

*Goreng Pisang – Fried Banana Fritters

Ian Choo, 30 September 2007

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