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Here are some pictures to get you started on your customised t-shirt design. Read thru for some great pointers to create your stylish customised t-shirt at the most economical cost!

"Incorporate the base colour into your customised t-shirt design. Fill the design with just one striking colour to save money on screen printing!"
"Keep to a single family of colours. Note that t-shirts are often worn tucked out, hence use the bottom of the shirt to good effect!"
"Even if your logo is plain, adjusting upwards the print instead of emblazoning the logo right smack in the centre of your customised shirt makes for an interesting visual effect."
"Use regular shapes to give structure to your design."
"Changing the orientation of a simple word to vertical instantly creates a stylish look. Less is more."
"Again, another clever use of the base colour of the customised shirt. Remember that most nice customised shirts that people wear are simple with no more than 3-4 colours."
"A clever illustration of shirt accessories (ties/bow-ties, pockets, buttons etc) is very captivating."
"Clever adjustment of font sizes captures attention in the most straight forward manner."

Jazztures Note : If you have more ideas to share on how to design great customised t-shirts, we will be most delighted to hear from you! Drop us a note.

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