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Learn about the things that can go wrong with your logo print. Beware of simply taking the cheapest customised T-shirt quote! Also contains best washing tip : Turn your printed tees inside out before dumping into the washing machine.


Learn about the difference between getting a professional screen-printed shirt and a home made heat transfer printed shirt. Jazztures take, if you are a corporate buyer, donít attempt it on your own!


*Some details in link may not be relevant for your local market.

A quick introduction to this thing we all know as cotton.


Understand the process called screen printing (aka silkscreen) to understand why putting your multi-coloured illustration onto a customised t-shirt is going to cost you a bomb. Fundamentally, you need a screen for each colour and only one colour can go on at one time!


Appreciate the amount of effort that goes into embroidering your company logo on your customised shirt!


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