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"Greetings, welcome to the Boardroom @ Boulevard.

Words exchange, tension mounts, and the clock ticks away. Did you get those meeting notes, schedule plans and new customer contacts safely tucked in your memory? Probably not, not without some help. Welcome to The Boardroom @ the Boulevard, where you will find help in the form of practical planners, classic notebooks, sleek-looking portfolios and name card organizers. We’ve also got desktop calendars for the new year and memo-pads to take those quick notes.

Be the star in the Boardroom!"

The Boardroom items - Individual product information

Desk calendars
"Usher in 2008 with a desk calendar that is reflective of the joyous year ahead! Travel the world with our "Windows of the World" calendar, bid good tidings with our "Chinese Auspicious Calendar" or inspire with our "Olympic Calendar" that comes with an inspirational quote per month! We are sure we have something for you with 20 other designs available!

Prices from $2.90 ea."

Memo Pads
"Great for those quick instructions or reminders! Our "Classic Squares" are fast sellers, and for the festive period, we have a special 2-in-1, "Auspicious Notes", an auspicious desk calendar with memo pad.

"Classic Squares" - $3.8 ea
"Auspicious Notes" - $4.8 ea"

Namecard Organisers
"Organise your name cards for quick access to the information that you critically need! Choose from our classic PU leather namecard holder (available in 4 colours) or our special pocket sleeve namecard holder. For more storage, pick our 96 sleeve name card organizer or our 144 sleeve name card organizer.

Classic "Cardy" - $4.8 ea
"What’s in your sleeve?" Namecard holder - $4.8 ea
96 sleeves Namecard Organiser - $4.8 ea
144 sleeves Namecard Organiser - $5.8 ea"

"Jot down all those inspirational moments before you miss that earth-shattering idea! Classic black notebooks of varying sizes to fit your preferences.

My Little Black Book - $4.8 ea
A6 Noter - $3.9 ea
A5 Noter - $6.5 ea
A6 Noter with buckle - $4.9 ea
Pocket Noter - $3.5 ea"

"Never miss a crucial appointment this new year! With these simple planners with key holidays and planning sections, it will not be a chore to keep an organized schedule.

My A4 planner - $4.8 ea
My pocket planner - $1.9 ea"

"Be on top of that invigorating meeting with a classic portfolio for your meeting notes! With basic note pad versions to elaborate zipper ones with pocket and calculator frills, there is definitely something to suit your corporate class.

My Classic Portfolio (A4) - $8.5 ea
Zipper A4 portfoilo with calculator - $18.9 ea
Zipper A4 portfolio with ring binder - $15.9 ea
Zipper A5 portfolio with A4 pocket - $19.9 ea
Certificate Holder (A4) - $8.5 ea
Quick Financier - A5 Pad with Calculator - $5.9 ea"

Refillable Organisers
"Enjoy the convenience of carefully built in features to your executive organizers. Experience the flexibility of adding or removing inserts to create that individual organizer that serves you excellently!

My A5 International Companion (A5 with international inserts) - $11.9 ea
My Lifestyle Companion (A5 with CD holder) - $13.9 ea
My A6 International Companion (A6 with international inserts) - $9.9 ea
My Sleek Companiion (A6 with functional inserts)- $8.9 ea
My Accounting Companion (A7 with calculator) - $9.9 ea"

"Classy box packaging is available for all products in the boardroom. Give your gifts the extra tinge of elegance!"

The Boardroom Store Production and Delivery Info

All prices are quoted for a minimum order of 100 pieces, and are wholesale prices with no customization costs included. Customization costs start from $85 per job. Bulk discounts are applicable.

Prices are also quoted whilst stocks last. Please check with us our stock situation prior to placing an order. If stock is available, our usual delivery time is 10 working days after your provision of the final logo artwork.

Delivering the products to you is provided with our compliments. Contact us should you require samples for consideration.

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