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The USB Store @ Boulevard

"Greetings, welcome to the USB store @ Boulevard.

Here at the USB store, our buyers have specially selected unique, practical and trendy looking USB items for your contemporary lifestyle.

Feel free to browse by clicking on the product and Iíll be happy to give you a little more information."

The USB items - Individual product information

USB Skype-Mouse phone
"An optical computer mouse that flips open to become an echo cancellation, noise reduction USB Skype phone! Plug and play, compatible with all Windows OS 98 and beyond.

Retail price : $48.9.
The USB Store @ Boulevard price : $34.90!"

USB Phone Charger
"No more fiddling with extra adaptors and power sockets! Use this USB Phone Charger to draw power for your mobile phones from your computer. Device comes with heads suitable for all major mobile phone brands. Particularly excellent for travelers!

Retail price : $19.9.
The USB Store @ Boulevard price : $14.9!"

USB Powerpoint Presenter
"Probably the cheapest wireless presenter in town. Simply unscrew USB portion, plug into computer, and use the presenter to control your powerpoint slides! Presenter even comes with a laser pointer for your next classy presentation. Particularly excellent for salespeople and consultants!

Retail price : $36.9.
The USB Store @ Boulevard price : $24.9!"

USB Ultra-Utility 4-port hub
"This has to be one of the most versatile USB hub in the market! With a 180 degrees left-right and up-down turn, you are sure to be able to reach any awkward situated USB ports/devices.

Retail price : $12.9.
The USB Store @ Boulevard price : $8.9!"

USB Photo Frame with 4-port hub
"A great space saver for the people person! Remove desktop clutter by having a single USB hub that doubles as a photo frame! Put on that photograph that brings a smile to your face!

Retail price : $24.9.
The USB Store @ Boulevard price : $14.9!"

USB Numeric Keypad
"This item will be a great help for laptop users who deal with a lot of number entry and analysis. See those figures get punched in quickly as your productivity increases!

Retail price : $16.9.
The USB Store @ Boulevard price : $10.9!"

USB Store Production and Delivery Info

All prices are quoted for a minimum order of 100 pieces, and are wholesale prices with no customization costs included. Customization costs start from $85 per job. Bulk discounts are applicable.

Prices are also quoted whilst stocks last. Please check with us our stock situation prior to placing an order. If stock is available, our usual delivery time is 10 working days after your provision of the final logo artwork.

Delivering the products to you is provided with our compliments. Contact us should you require samples for consideration.

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