Jazztures Originals - Laser Torch Pointer

Jazztures 199 - Explorers

Chart new boundaries. With help.

Life should always be about looking to the future. Be associated with being the innovative frontrunner and hang out with lifeís explorers.

Spring Binoculars
3-in-1 Multipurpose Tool
Carabiner Bottle Holder
Liquid Magnifier
Safety Matches
Travel Calculator
Travel Magnifier
Travel Padlock

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*All Budget Prices are price estimates inclusive of basic customisation and are for orders meeting the Recommended Quantity (RQ) to help you check what is suitable for your budget. RQ is the ideal order quantity to suitably amortise the fixed costs of that productís production. Consider Jazztures199 with a minimum marketing budget of S$2000.

Bulk discounts are applicable. Contact your Jazztures sales representative to get a precise quotation today!

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