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Good tasting wine is a delight to savour, and has long been associated as being a classy and versatile gift that suits a good range of giving occasions. Red wine especially, is ideal in the asian context of giving, where red represents good luck and strong vitality.

Choosing a good wine from the supermarkets is a confusing experience for the uninitiated due to the huge variety and lack of good packaging. One probably will have to pick up the wine from the supermarket, head down to the packaging shop to get a wine bottle packaging and then to the card shop to get some cards to drop a personal note. A big hassle.

Now giving a wine gift is a lot easier! Jazztures has tied up with Sevenoaks, a Singapore based boutique wine company with their own Australian vineyard, to bring you a great tasting red wine, Shiraz 2003 and a classic white wine, Chardonnay, 2000.

And to make it even more special, you can personalise your own wine label to make the wine appear to come straight from your vines!

Stamp of Approval from the Experts

These award-winning wines are endorsed by Mr John Chua, a widely acclaimed wine connoisseur. Mr John Chua started the wine collection of Singapore Airlines and is a judge for major international wine competitions such as the Michelangelo International Wine Competition (2004) and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (2002).

"Since my first tasting of Sevenoaks wines 3 years ago, their 2003 has maintained a consistent style. This wine has evolved with aromas of blackberry, plum and a hint of earthy characters. On the palate, it is redolent of soft redfruit characters, flavoursome and a textured medium-bodied style with good length. This is an excellent wine to bring to a Chinese restaurant and would knit well with meat dishes"
John Chua
Wine and Food Consultant

2003 Rows 1 to 26 Shiraz

Crafted from a small parcel of estate grown, hand picked grapes cultivated on the banks of Doyles Creek in the Upper Hunter Region, this wine has been aged in a mixture of mature French and American oak. A flavoursome wine of appreciable character that will be enhanced by further cellaring.

Colour is youthful plum with vibrant hues. The nose displays rich vanillin, leather and earthy characters with undertones of berry, chocolate and rhubarb along with a rich spice and almond aroma. The palate has concentrated flavours of chocolate and berries which meld with a firm tannin structure and finely integrated oak to deliver a dry lengthy finish. Alcohol 13.5%.

Wine Stand
Triple Pack
Wine Stand Demo

A Jazztures wine gift allows you to mix and match from these variables:

  • Regular sized wine bottles (750ml) or special baby sized wine bottles (187ml)
  • Single, Twin or even Triple bottle packaging
  • Corporate Wine Bottle labeling (for your company logo or event slogan)
  • Gift packaging

Give classic wine hassle free!

Pricing estimates

ItemRed Shiraz 2003 /
White Chardonnay 2000
Regular bottle (750ml)SIN$30 - SIN$50Final price is dependant on the variables chosen to constitute the final gift. Bulk discounts are applicable.
Baby bottle (187ml)SIN$10 - SIN$25

Customisation Options

Sample Front Label Designs


Additional Notes:

  1. Customised label size is about 80x100mm for the regular bottle and 50x50mm for the baby bottle.
  2. Regulations entail that we need to have some basic wine information (like alcohol content) on the wine label, so that has to be factored into your personal wine label design.
  3. You may have the option of customising just the front label, or merging both labels into one design.
  4. There is a minimum order of 1 dozen (12 bottles) of wine.

Be associated with classic wine giving with your personal touch! Contact your Jazztures Sales Representative now!

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