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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Enter a new promotional and corporate giving world with Jazztures.

Welcome to the Oct 05 issue of the monthly Jazztures eNewsletter, your guide to jazzy promotional and corporate giving!

Recall the last time someone congratulated you on your choice of corporate gift?

You could be getting this

Jazztures Laser Torch Pointer
Imagine a sleek little card, smaller than half the size of your credit card, but packed with a powerful white LED torch and a purposeful laser pointer. Then imagine this device creatively decorated with designer styles and colours, then coupled with a matching leather cover. Finally imagine that smile on your customerís face when he sees his name printed on this cool and practical item. Think style. Think personal. Visit the Jazztures Laser Pointer page!

Marketing Moments - Featured Blog Story

Featured Blog
Get creative with personal gifts and be remembered!

Guests checking into the Raffles Hotel were welcomed with a personal photograph framed in a classy photo frame. A great gift that got them much positive word-of-mouth marketing! Read the full blog here.

PU Leather

Material Focus - The wonders of PU leather

Be introduced into the jazzy world of PU Leather! Continuing our efforts to write about industries in relation to promotional and corporate gifts, we take a look in this issue at how PU Leather brings us the usual class and style of leather, with better features and better price! Read the full report here.

Star Logo


If you were designing a new gift or a new logo for your marketing campaign, it will do you good to read this interesting article about trends in logo graphics. I wonder how surprised you will be when you realize that you just need a little help to create a designer looking visual. Jazztures can do this, so can you. Read the full story here.

Jazztures Q & A

Question : What is "RQ" on the Jazztures 199 page? Why is the RQ often so large?
Answer : "RQ" stands for recommended quantity on our webpages, and the price estimates listed on the Jazztures 199 page are provided for at this order quantity. Every customised product has its own set of fixed costs, from mold charges to customisation charges to freight charges. Hence our recommend quantity (RQ) is often large, as that is needed to best amortise the fixed costs associated with the order. Nevertheless, smaller order quantities are possible, albeit at a higher price. We commit to giving good value for your dollar though.

Jazztures Product Labels

We wonder how quickly you will love the reinvented Jazztures product labels! These 3 labels will cater to all your promotional giving and corporate giving needs.

Jazztures 199 Jazztures 199
Your budget 199 shop of promotional items
Active Bartenders Car Owners Explorers
Fashionistas Foodies Home Owners Kitchen Enthusiasts
Party Makers Students Travellers Working Execs
Jazztures Originals Jazztures Originals
Unique, local and original corporate gifts

Jazztures Originals
Jazztures Prestige Jazztures Prestige
Luxurious corporate gifts with a recognised brand

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