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Thursday, 1 September 2005

Welcome to the first issue of the monthly Jazztures eNewsletter, your guide to jazzy promotional and corporate giving!

Imagine that smile you create on your recipient's face when they get something practical, stylish and personal from you. Recall the last time you made someone really delighted with your corporate gift?

Introducing the new Jazztures Product Labels!

We wonder how quickly you will love the reinvented Jazztures product labels! These 3 labels will cater to all your promotional giving and corporate giving needs.

Jazztures 199 Jazztures 199
Your budget 199 shop of promotional items
Active Bartenders Car Owners Explorers
Fashionistas Foodies Home Owners Kitchen Enthusiasts
Party Makers Students Travellers Working Execs
Jazztures Originals Jazztures Originals
Unique, local and original corporate gifts

Jazztures Originals
Jazztures Prestige Jazztures Prestige
Luxurious corporate gifts with a recognised brand

You could be getting this

Imagine a bottle of quality red wine, made of the freshest ingredients and endorsed by an experienced wine connoisseur that comes from your own vineyard.

Think of that surprised look when your customer receives a bottle of wine with your corporate label and his name on it. Visit the Jazztures Corporate Wine page!

Marketing Moments - Featured Blog Story

Featured Blog
Been to a wedding dinner recently and went home with another cliché wedding gift? Well, it doesn't always have to be like that. In the US, they give a single use camera (aka disposable camera). Wedding guests are then free to use these cameras to capture some special moments of the event. Great interactive and personal gift. Read the full story here.

Industry Focus - Hotels

Jazz things up in the hotel industry! This is the first installment of a monthly feature story that summarises major trends of an industry and then makes a practical suggestion on how to respond. The hotel industry is so volatile because they are right smack in a wave of consumer demographic and perception changes. Read the full story here.


If fashion trends are any indication of the colours that will become trendy this second half of the year, then Green will be the biggest colour this season. And they will come in many different shades, pine green, emerald, aquamarine etc. Metallic colours will also be hot. Read the full story here.

Jazztures Q & A

Question : How early should I actually start planning for that promotional or corporate gift?
Answer : The best lead time you should give is actually 10 weeks, giving sufficient time to prepare for good design, quality manufacturing, and cheaper transportation options to be utilised. So if you are planning a year end Christmas party, start thinking about that little gift in early September.

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Yours sincerely,
Ian Choo
General Manager
Jazztures Pte Ltd, Singapore

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