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Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Dear Principal / Teacher-in-charge,

We apologise for this unsolicited email and promise that we will not make it a habit. If you are thinking about what gift to give your students this Children's Day, we have a good solution. We have just launched a programme to help you make some great gifts for your students. Please read on.

Children's Day 1st October

Make a gift that your students will rejoice over for its style and practicality.

For the 1st time, Jazztures pulls together their manufacturing principals to offer a list of children day items that will fit your economical academic budget. Stop giving those run-of-the-mill items and create something special for your students! Make an impressionable stationery item with your studentís artwork or simply leave it to our designers to create something special with your school crest.

With low minimums, designer support and an economical price, join us in "Celebrating Our Children" *

This campaign runs till 15 July 2006. All deliveries will be fulfilled before Childrenís Day 2006.

Contact your Jazztures representative at sales@jazztures.com or (65) 6838 4001.

* "Celebrating Our Children" is an annual event in its 1st year. Jazztures hopes to bring joy to our children by making some nice Childrenís Day gifts at a reduced industry margin. Also, to celebrate more of our children, we commit to donating S$0.05 to the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund for every piece of gift that we make. This is a for-profit organisation attempting to contribute in their small way. We appreciate all feedback.

Polyester File Folder
Cotton Wrist Bands
Film Index Markers
Polyester File Folder+Handle
Maraca Pen (NEW)
Magnetic Bookmarks
L-Shaped File
EZ Link Card Holder
Polyester Pencil Case
Nylon Pencil Case
Pullout Pen
Sticky Note Pads
PVC Pencil Case
Short Stout Fun Pen

*Prices are for a minimum order of 2000 pcs per item. Price includes most customisation costs and is what you will finally pay!

Jazztures employs ethical email marketing methods and will cease immediately all email updates to your account should you opt to unsubscribe. Thank you for your time in making an acquaintence.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Choo
General Manager
Jazztures Pte Ltd, Singapore

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