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Jazztures Laser Torch Pointer

JLT Theme - Event Items

Sample Designs for Event Items

Give your guides an identification item that doubles as a guiding aid. Or impress your delegates with a useful device during your seminars. You can:

  • customise to one. Give each of your guides a JLT with their picture and name on them.
  • provide a practical presentation aid that doubles as a wonderful momento of your event

Conference Gift

Artfully designed conference momento which leaves a professional yet hip impression on the event!

Seminar Gift

Seminar attendees get their own customised laser torch pointer, complete with attendee and company name!

Teacher's Day Gift

Gifts should be customised as much as possible. Present your teaching staff with a thank you note for a memorable teachers day!

Teachers Day Special!

Celebrate Teachers Day with the Jazztures lasertorch. Surprise and thank our dedicated teachers with this essential teaching tool. Build school camaraderie at the same time! Choose from either designs or simply create your own.

Teachers Day Momento A

Simply add with your school logo, picture (if any) and personalised message.

Teachers Day Momento B

Add that extra personal touch by putting each pointer with your teacherís name*

* Additional personalisation fee of $1.00 applies.

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