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Jazztures Laser Torch Pointer Features

Size 90 x 23 x 5 mm
Weight 17 grams
Batteries 2 x CR2016 flat batteries, easily replaceable from watch and hardware shops. Approximately 100 lighted hours per fresh set.
Key Features
  • Laser Pointer and LED Torch 2-in-1 feature.
  • Quick Depress buttons for immediate lighting.
  • Inbuilt lanyard point for your matching accessory.

Accompanying Accesories Black leather protective casing, Lanyards of your choice, Key Chain rings. (All sold separately)
Packaging Options Twin piece or Single piece options. Box, Origami or PP Bag packaging. 6 piece plastic sleeve packaging available upon request.
Customising Options
  • Front is customisable with full colour pictures and wording. (85 x 20 mm)
  • Information Cards or Greeting Cards can be added for that elevated class.

Order Size Minimum Order of 50 pieces.
Pricing From $6.5 ( US$4 ).
Bulk Discounts are applicable.
Delivery Info For an order of 50 pieces, please give at least 2 weeks for artwork confirmation and production.
For international orders, please add time required for freight.

Packaging Options

Customise your gift with a range of packaging options based on your budget. Mix and match to create a unique gift!

  • Black leather protective casing
  • Twin piece or Single piece options.
  • Sleek gift box (black)
  • Origami sleeve
  • PP Bag packaging
  • 6 piece plastic sleeve packaging available upon request

Accompanying Accessories

Bring your Jazztures Laser Torch Pointer wherever you go with our accompanying accessories!

  • Lanyards of your choice (ideal for conferences, ushers, etc),
  • Key chain rings.
  • Greeting cards

All sold separately.

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