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Jazztures Packaging

While all our products will be delivered in their respective original packaging, we recognize there are occasions when a company requires a product to be separately packaged for additional visual differentiation. In such circumstances, we have tied up with a whole range of packagers to cater to individual corporate giving needs. Premium packaging options available include:

  1. Paper box packaging
  2. Velvet Packaging
  3. Felt box Packaging
  4. Tin Packaging
  5. Wood Box Packaging
  6. Clear Plastic Sheet Packaging

Paper Box
With cardboard to art paper boxes, this is the most versatile packaging medium.

Instantly makes a simple object expensive.

Tin Box
Often associated with cookies and games, this medium creates a magical and celebratory aura around your product.

Wooden Box
Great for classic corporate giving.

Felt/Flocked Box
New aged style packaging that ignites excitement and interest.

Clear PP Plastic
Useful packaging to flaunt your attractive product in.

Contact your Jazztures gift consultants if you need premium packaging!

Jazztures Design

Help is at hand to help you prepare the visuals necessary to make that unique Jazztures gift. Whether it is a simple logo layout or a more complex theming job, we have designers on standby who will help turn your ideas into reality.

A truly one-stop corporate giving experience! Contact your Jazztures gift consultants.

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