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Promotions for April - July 2005

Jazztures Laser Torch Pointer

Catch the most stylish, practical and customisable Laser Pointer in town!

Click here for the detailed product features, packaging options and accompanying accessories!

Jazztures Laser Torch Pointer
  • Stylish
    Sleek, Chic and modern, a celebration of design and colours. Forgo dull-looking ancient silver for a contemporary look.
  • Personal
    Match lanyards. Add a picture. Put a heartwarming message. The only item amongst its peers to allow for complete individuality.
  • Practical
    Small in size but packed with power. Get the edge in presentations and tricky light needing situations.
  • Value
    Experience goodness when versatility meets economy. Enjoy the benefits of a popularly-priced product.

Event Items

Give your guides an identification item that doubles as a guiding aid. Or impress your delegates with a useful device during your seminars. You can:

  • customise to one. Give each of your guides a JLT with their picture and name on them.
  • provide a practical presentation aid that doubles as a wonderful momento of your event

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JLT Theme - Event Items
JLT Theme - Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Put your company logo, include your branding message and choose your corporate colours. You can:

  • give this as a D&D, corporate thanksgiving, event momento or simply as a promotional item.
  • include additional accessories like lanyards and key chains for a complete gift set.
  • choose matching packaging visuals (boxes, cards, bags)

Check out our range of sample Corporate Gift Designs!

Lifestyle Accessories

For camping. School presentations. Christmas or Thanksgiving. Travelling kit. Car Glove Box Accessory. Movie merchandise. Possibilities are aplenty! You can:

  • design your own range of lifestyle accessories for sale.
  • enhance branding and profits via merchandising.
  • create a new fashion collectible!

Check out our range of sample Lifestyle Designs!
JLT Theme - Lifestyle Accessories
JLT Theme - Souvenirs


Feature tourist sights or attractions, giving your visitors a brilliant souvenir to take home! You can:

  • increase your offering of souvenirs to your guests.
  • encourage word of mouth of your attraction with a device that has a long practical use-life.
  • thank your guests with an item that is compact and light and hence easily brought home

Check out our range of sample Souvenir Designs!

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