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Welcome to the Jazztures Student Corner!

This corner is dedicated to all aspiring student entrepreneurs. Members of the Jazztures team recognize and have been through those days during their course of studies where…

  • They looked to become entrepreneurs by setting up mini stalls or embarking on profit making projects.
  • They sought to raise funds to support their school organizations, student societies, clubs or ,hall activities etc.

It was tough getting those opportunities. But we believed in entrepreneurship. We believed in making a living for oneself. And now we want to help you be an entrepreneur.

Check out these Jazztures programmes.

  1. "You design, we make" - School souvenir programme.
    We have worked with some schools and are convinced that we have great creative talent in our schools. And we like you talented and entrepreneurial people to think about creating souvenirs for your schools! For your school, your faculty, your hall, your class, your CCA group etc, Jazztures has the products and marketing expertise to help you make your ideas a reality! And if we think your idea is a winner, we will fund your production! Experience the thrill of seeing your ideas become products, and reap much entrepreneurial experience as you later seek to sell your creations. Email enquiry@jazztures.com with the subject "Jazztures School Souvenir".

  2. Be our marketing blogger!
    If you are a marketing student (or teacher), join us in keeping a library of all good and bad marketing ideas that you come across! Email your marketing blog entry to enquiry@jazztures.com with the subject "Jazztures Marketing Blog". All published blogs will be rewarded! And if you are a regular blogger with good articles, we will give you a regular column for a regular pay! A great freelance job that hones your attention to marketing details.

  3. Volunteer to take on our graphic design projects
    This one is for all graphic students out there. Beef up your portfolio and have the satisfaction of seeing your designs on lifestyle items! Let us know your interest by emailing to enquiry@jazztures.com with the subject "Jazztures Designers". Current projects available:

    1. Orchard Road souvenir*
    2. Christmas at the Singapore Esplanade*
    3. Gifts for working executives*
    *Note that these projects are pitching projects. You continue to own your intellectual property until we accept it and you are paid for commercial production. Jazztures guarantees that we will protect your intellectual property while in submission.

  4. The Singapore lifestyle Laser Torch Pointer Design Project - Christmas 06 (Sep 06 - Nov 06)
    This Christmas, celebrate Singapore lifestyles! Think about the various facets of the Singaporean lifestyle, our people, our food, our transporation etc, and do an illustrative take on them! We will pick the best entries and make them into our Originals-Laser Torch Pointer . Be prepared to earn hundreds of dollars if your design is well received by the shopping public! Email with the subject "Christmas JLT 06" to enquiry@jazztures.com. Closing date for entries, 10 November 2006.

Do check out this corner periodically for updates about our entrepreneurship programmes. Alternatively, click here to join our mailing list to be kept abreast of new updates.

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